Where is the band based?

The Reel Time Ceilidh Band is based in Edinburgh, with musicians coming in from Glasgow, Stirling and Falkirk. We travel throughout Scotland, the islands and internationally for a variety of performances and concerts. 

How long have you been together?

The band have been performing ceilidhs at wedding and corporate events since 2005. They have performed at well over 500 functions to date, throughout Scotland and internationally.

What instruments are in the band?

Bagpipes, keyboards, electric guitar and a full drum kit for ceilidh gigs, with the addition of fiddle or accordion for our 5 piece ceilidh band. The Scraggly Cats have the addition of a pop vocalist, to complete the band.
For more detail, see our stage plan.

What is the style of music?

The Reel Time Ceilidh Band play upbeat contemporary rocking funky ceilidh music.
The Scraggly Cats play the same sort of Rocking ceilidh music, along with a selection of pop covers and Scottish song.

What songs can you sing?

Have a look at the Scraggly Cats sample playlist.

Who is in the band?

The band is made up from professional musicians who collaborate to create the exciting sound and performance of the Reel Time Band and Scraggly Cats. Bookings are made through the website and with their management company Reel Time Events.  

Does the band do ceilidh calling?

Yes, all our bands doing ceilidh dances have a dance caller included as part of the band. They will help guide your guests through each of the dances. 

Which ceilidh dances does the band call?

All the easy popular ones. We understand that most of the people we work with have limited ceilidh prowess and need some simple dances that are fun to do. Gay Gordons, Dashing White Sergeant, Strip the Willow (both ways!), Virginia Reel, Waltz, Military Two Step are the popular choices. 

Will you play anywhere in the world?

Yes, we have played all over the world from Auchtermuchty to Athens. 
When we are travelling away we do need to factor in the extra costs of travel and accommodation – it’s often organised by the client, or we can factor the extra costs into our fee.  
We have technical specifications for international gigs, which are normally organised by the client to save any excessive baggage charges. 

What do the band wear?

The piper wears a contemporary kilt outfit with the back line of the band coming in black trousers with a branded reel time black shirt and blue tie. 


We can change timings to suit particular events, we just need to know at the time of booking.  Generally, for evening entertainment, the band set up time is at 7pm, playing from 8pm and conclude at 12 midnight. We can play for longer; it may incur some extra fees.

What if I need the band to set up early?

When a client needs the band to be set up early, we try our best to accommodate. Sometimes this incurs a fee (as it can double the time the musicians are at the event) and the band may also ask for a hot meal. 

How long does it take the band to set up?

Once the band get access to the room and area to set up in they can be ready 40 minutes later. Usually we allow 60 minutes turnaround time to deal with any unforeseen issues. If you need the band to be set up quickly, they can do it as quickly as 20 minutes, but certain requirements are needed. 

How long will you play for?

It really depends on what the clients requirements are. For corporate gigs, we play as little as 1 or 2 dances, up to 3 x 45 minutes of ceilidh. For wedding performances, we provide 3×45 of music over 4 hours. This can be coupled with a disco. For concert performances, anything from 30 minutes to 1.5 hour set. 

Can we come and hear you play?

You can hear us live from the comfort of your armchair. We have a selection of live wedding videos and audio samples, which give you an idea of exactly what the band do. Unless we are performing at a public event we would never invite potential clients along to listen.  This is so our complete focus during the event is insuring that you and your guests have the best possible experience.  We do play some wedding fairs and public events from time to time, please get in touch or follow us on Facebook for more information. 

Do you bring your own speakers?

Yes, we have our own PA system, which comes as part of the price. The system is perfect for functions of up to 200 people. If you have a larger event please enquire for options. 

Can we use your system for speeches?

If they are happening after the band have set up, then this is usually fine.

How do we book?

Bookings can be made via our website, just click and fill in our enquiry form.  Alternatively, you can contact one of the team in the Reel Time Events office who will be happy to help. Once we have all of your event details we can confirm the band is available and we will send you a booking form to sign and secure the band for your event.

How do we pay? 

Wedding clients: Your booking fee can be paid by BACS, cheque, visa card, debit card.

The balance should be paid directly to the band in cash on the evening. If you want to pay the remainder of the balance before the day this can be arranged but there are some additional charges.

Corporate clients: We will send you an invoice for your event.

What other types of function do you play for?

The Reel Time Bands have played at corporate events, festivals, gala dinners, Scottish theme nights, brand launches, Whisky events, Burns suppers (in Scotland and across the world)  We have even appeared in a FlyBe advert!

What makes the Reel Time Band different from other ceilidh bands?

The driven sound of the bagpipe based music, the rocking rhythms and recognisable pop tunes that we slip in make the Reel Time Band stand out from the other ceilidh bands out there. Our fun and enthusiastic dance calling gives guests the opportunity to really get into the evening, no matter how little experience they may have on the dance floor.

Are the bagpipes too loud?

No!  Bagpipes are loud, but for most spaces we play we amplify them so they can be heard along with the other instruments in the band. If you have a very small space, let us know, and we may play an acoustic set. 

What do the band need from our clients? 

The more information we have the better prepared we can be for your event: timings, number of guests, rough age of the guests, what type of function it is, power socket availability is all useful information for us to have.  If it’s an international gig, then see our technical specifications for our requirements.  We ask that there is plenty of water available for us, (it’s thirsty work performing,) and, depending on how long we are at the event for, we may also require a hot meal.  For larger gigs, see our rider. 

What happens if something goes wrong?

We try to mitigate risks before they become a problem. The band and its equipment are fully insured for public liability. The sound system and lights are all PAT tested. All the equipment we use is of good quality and well maintained.

Snow, floods and giant ash clouds have, so far, not caused us a problem getting to gigs. The band will make every effort to fulfil their contract with clients, though if there were to be a problem or delay, they would contact the organiser, as soon as they were aware of an issue, about rescheduling or cancelling the agreement.

What is your cancellation policy?

Once the booking form is completed and you have paid your booking fee the band are booked. We offer clients a 70% refund if they cancel the band up to 3 months (90 days) before the date of the engagement. Any cancellations within 90 days are subject to the full booking fee and performance fee being paid. The band reserves the right to cancel their performance at a function up to 90 days before the date of the event. In which case we would offer a suitable replacement band, or a full refund of the booking fee. (Please note that in 8 years of running the band, we have never cancelled a date on clients).

How do we book?

Bookings can be made via our website, just click and fill in our enquiry form.  Alternatively, you can contact one of the team in the Reel Time Events office who will be happy to help. Once we have all of your event details we can confirm the band is available and we will send you a booking form to sign and secure the band for your event.

What else can you offer?

We have an extensive selection of Scottish entertainment and events that we can provide for you.  From musicians to Highland Games, Whisky tastings and artisan workshops. See www.reel-time.co.uk for full details.


If there are any questions we haven’t answered here please do get in touch so we can answer them for you. 

Got a question? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help